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Buy Lenny Dykstra's House-- BYO Toilets

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What's this joyous news you hear? I'll tell you what-- Lenny Dykstra's house is back on the market! It's the same one-- Wayne Gretzky's old place-- that Nails tried to sell back in June 2008 for $24,950,000, hoping for a 33% return (LD bought the Thousand Oaks manse for $18.5 million on in August 2007), only this time, it comes with so much more. Like dog feces. Piss on the walls. Empty beer bottles. Trash. Other "unmentionables."

The house is being sold on an "as is - where as" basis, an important consideration for potential buyers because the former Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets outfielder left the house trashed after he lost control of his bankruptcy case.

So the $14.9 million you'll have to fork over is gonna get you a lot (garbage + history) though one thing potential buyer's should note is that the place comes sans toilets, which, you may have heard, LD ripped out before he left. Still think it's worth it. Make an offer.