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Charlie Gasparino Suspects Goldman Sachs Is Behind Anonymous Blogger

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As you may have noticed over the last year or so, Charlie Gasparino is no fan of anonymous bloggers. Usually he's content to let them live in their holes, like bums, but they step into his den, they step too far. Take this fellow Dear John Thain, for instance. He recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about Goldman Sachs. In it, he takes issue with Chaz's assertion that "Goldman benefits from a subsidy from the government because of its status now as a bank." I'm not going to get into DJT's other points, or Gaspo's lengthy rebuttal. Neither much matter because in doing so, according to Gaspo, we make ourselves pawns in their sick games. That's right my friends: Charlie Gasparino is positing that Dear John Thain and, really, anything positive written under a pseudonym, re: the Vampire Squid, is coming from the inside, as part of Goldman's new offensive. He judiciously offers that perhaps DJT is just some random pissant but that's just for show. This guy, and everyone else so much as hinting that GS does not in fact traffic human fetuses created with the sole intent of one day putting grass on that field is, in actuality, a Goldman employee. Sayeth CG:

There are almost too many ways to attack the posting from the anonymous blogger (who goes by the name "Dear John Thain"), titled "2010 Will be A Challenging Year for Goldman Sachs," (this guy obviously has a flair for understatement) so I will make the following points. Because he's anonymous, we don't know if he's a Goldman executive (one way Goldman is now looking to attack its critics is by blogging positively about the firm, I am told) an investor with holdings of Goldman Sachs stock (a substantial conflict of interest if this is true), or just some guy with too much time on his hands.

As Wall Street's foremost investigative journalist, he's gotta be right, RIGHT?! According to Goldman Sachs spokesman Lucas Van Praag, however, this is the first known instance in which the Jabroni Pony's sense of smell has been compromised by a bad piece of sopressata, left in the glove compartment for too long. LvP told Dealbreaker, "If I were going to be propaganda blogging, I'd do so under a more anonymous name. Something of an Italian origin, maybe."