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Cliff Asness Is Running Out Of Adjectives With Which To Describe His Feelings Towards Obama's Policies

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Last year it was 'unafraid' (in Greenwich), today it's 'appalled' (also coming to live from Greenwich). So, just an FYI, he's gonna need some help before his next paper. So work on that, and in the meantime, the AQR founder has some thoughts about Obama's latest proposals. First off, they suck. Biff isn't arguing that the banks don't need to be fixed, they do. He just doesn't like the way Barack and his friends are going about it. And it reminds him of a something he once saw, way back in the day, before AQR, before Goldman, before all of it. Back when he was working as a carhop at a place called Arnold's.

Appaled In Greenwich Connecticut [PDF]


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