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Davos Attendees Pissed About Lack Of Free Booze

So here's what really's pissing off Davos attendees. It's not some bankers' behind-the-door plotting. It's not the endless convos about whether breaking up the banks is a good or a bad thing and it's not how to help Haiti.
Nope. None of those trivialities. What people are really angry about is that this year -just like last - there won't be a wine tasting, which has historically been the "highlight of the forum."

In previous years, one of the highlights of the forum was a small but spectacular tasting of fine wines. But last year Klaus Schwab, the forum's mastermind, decided that guzzling first-growth clarets was an inappropriate way of celebrating the global economic meltdown - and the wine-tasting was cancelled. We all hoped that this was a temporary abberation, but apparently not. The new Puritanism is here to stay - Davos wine-tastings are off the menu until further notice.

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