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Did Alec Baldwin Turn Down Michelle C-C After Showing Interest In The Caruso-Cabreras?

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Or was it the other way around? Gawker reports that Baldwin told his agent to set up a meeting with MCC, after admiring her on TV. Apparently a phone conversation resulted, during which Michelle's right-wing politics were made obvious to Baldy (which John Carney points out would have only come as a shock to AB if he were watching CNBC on mute, as Michelle is quite vocal about her politics). The noted liberal was apparently turned off, and nothing happened after that.

A "CNBC expert," however, claims that's not how the whole thing went down. He says that it was actually Michelle who turned Baldwin down, because "she thought he was a fat fuck and kind of a dufus."
Anyway! If you have any info pertinent to our tomorrow's installment in this series of actors who almost dated CNBC employees, please let us know. Next up: why wasn't Joan Collins good enough for Mark Haines? Stay tuned.



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