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Ex-Morgan Stanley Employee To Potentially Participate In Televised Cooking Competition

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I don't know why this is a story but for the pastry/reality TV loving Morgan Stanley employees in the group, prepare to muster some tepid excitement for one of your own: Bloomberg reports that Judy Joo, a girl who at one time worked for Morgan Stanley, might be on the UK edition of "Iron Chef." Joo worked in fixed income research and derivative sales at the bank, before studying at the French Culinary Institute and then working as a pastry chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. She's also rumored to have once fed John Mack a Twinkie, while making the airplane noise.


Morgan Stanley Considering Denying (Some) Employees Access To The Building

For the last year or so, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has sent a simple message to employees grumbling about compensation: STFU or GTFO. Now, according to Charles Gasparino, the bank may be telling a few employees to GTFO regardless of whether or not they've been bitching about pay.