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Ex-Mrs. SAC Fires Attorney, Hires Unqualified New One

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I'm totally kidding? Just busting your hump? Who am I to know? But getting serious for two, Patricia Cohen has indeed fired her lawyer, Paul Batista, a prominent RICO attorney, and hired Gaytri Kachroo, who is not a litigator. Apparently Pat didn't think her case was getting "the attention it required," presumably as it related to man hours on her counsel's part, and not spotlight in the media. SAC spokesman Jonathan Gasthalter is not fooled by the diversion, saying in a statement:

"Changing counsel does not change the fact that this is a completely irresponsible filing, entirely without merit" (original draft: "Changing counsel does not change the fact that this woman is a lunatic"). For her part, Kachroo believes she and PC have more than a shot in hell, and even claims new shit has come to light, telling the Times, "I think we have a very strong case, especially in light of the facts that we've uncovered." I'm somewhat skeptical that new facts re: Stevie being an alleged crook 20 years ago could've been uncovered in the last month, so I'm thinking the thing the ex. Mrs SAC has up her sleeve is a soon to be released sex tape we were never supposed to see, as it's one of the few things that can top this. I'm ready for it.