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Forbes' Favorite Billionaires

Forbes dropped its list of the world's most powerful billionaires and none other than Hizzoner holds the first spot, thanks to a fortune estimated at $17.5 billion and an ever-growing media empire, and the fact that he doesn't take shit from anyone.
Check out who else made the list. Anyone overlooked?

* Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy. Because he's Europe's buffoon and because he's the only politician who can say whatever he wants despite endless bribery allegations. Also, he owns the AC Milan.
* Vagit Alekperov. Because he has an awesome name and he controls Lukoil, the world's second-largest independent oil company.
* Carlos Slim Helu. 'Cause he's the world's third richest man (Personal fortune equivalent to 2% of Mexican GDP) and also, he's kind of scary.
* Carl Icahn. Because he looks badass in a pair of shades.
* Saad Hariri, Prime minister, Lebanon. Because despite his father being assassinated in 2005, he follows his footsteps.
* Warren Buffett. Cause he's the Oracle. Enough said.
* Mukesh Ambani. He's the rischest man in India with a net worth estimated at $33 billion.
* Li Ka-shing. Not only Hong Kong, but Asia's richest dude.
* Edward and Abigail Johnson. Father and daughter running Fidelity Investments, with $3.2 trillion in assets. That's about 22% of US 2008 GDP.
* Bill Gates. Because he rocks and develop vaccines with all his money.
* The Walton Family, owner of Wal-Mart. Because the father, Sam Walton, started as J.C. Penney clerk. Now the four kids' combined fortune is at $80 billion.
* Lakshmi Mittal. Because he bought a $100 million mansion in London.
* Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Because they know what you're Googling and can use it against you.



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