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Geithner And Bernanke: Bros Before Hos

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Brothers in arms Timmy G. and Ben B. will stand for each other 'til the end. In an interview with Politico, Timmy boy warned that the financial markets would react negatively, Armageddon will come and there will be locust showers if Ben isn't confirmed.
So there you go. He warned you. In the meantime, there's no word from Ben supporting Tim in anticipation of his testimony, Wednesday about his (non-)involvement in the AIG saga.

As we know, the guy is becoming "increasingly annoyed" with that storyline, so a word or two (flowers? chocolates?) from Benny would be more than welcomed.
Ben has been "invited" to testify at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing, but whether he'll make an appearance or not is still a mystery.
His silence on the matter is a sign that he wants to dissociate himself from the tainted goods Tim is increasingly becoming and that for now, it'll be hos before bros for Benny B.

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