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Goldman Sachs Appears To Have Been Quasi-Worried About Earnings Reactions

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The Postreports that God's minions were so nervous about how people-- the kind who throw bricks through windows, set off bombs, etc-- would react to the news that they earned $5 billion in the fourth quarter that the bank brought in extra security as a precautionary measure. So scared (!!) Lloyd was that he brought in an entire carload of NYPD officers (FYI, that's anywhere between 1 and 4 guys, which on the high end would be a lot), a bunch of barricades, and one dog who was last seen "running laps" around the building. Let's take a closer look at the scene:

My god, look at those beefed up security measures. Lloyd must've been quaking in his boots to bring all that in. I know, to the naked eye it doesn't look like much but those barricades, stacked on top of each other? Nobody was gonna get around them, and if they did, the officer on duty would've taken care of business, provided he wasn't on break.


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