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Happy Birthday, Charlie Gasparino

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On this most significant day in history, Charles Gasparino has has gifted us all with an overflowing bounty of mirth.

As you can see this is not just any gift, but one that keeps on giving, offering endless opportunities to shine at a little game called Separated At Birth.


Cigars 'n' Such: The Secrets To Charlie Gasparino's Success

Some people are such founts of generosity that on their birthday, they think not of themselves and what they will receive, but rather of how they can brighten the days of others. Charles Gasparino is one such selfless, gallant human being. On this special day, January 28th, the 50th anniversary of his entrance into the world, Mr. Gasparino has chosen to present us with a priceless gift: the secrets of his success. Print them out, mark them up, use them to advance your own cause, or simply give thanks to the god of journalism for his magnanimous spirit.