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Happy Birthday, Vikram Pandit!

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That's right ladies, on this day, fifty-three years ago, a little Pandito entered the world. Obviously, Uncle Vik's been gearing up for this thing since New Year's (Citi spokesmen won't say anything, but it's the reason Vickles was conspicuously absent from yesterday's panel, not wanting anything to upset him during "birthday week"), and in light of 52 being a tough one, we've got to do what we can to make the big 5-3 special. Pony rides? Given. A visit from a special lady, clad in leather, bearing whips and chains? It's in the works. And I'm thinking, it's finally the right time. For the Build Vikram A Zen Garden fundraiser. You know it's all he truly wants, it's only ten million, and the look on his face, raking that sand, would be all worth it. Other ideas for how we can really pull out all the stops are welcome at this time. The Prince is readying Vikram's matching linen outfit (matching the horse, not his highness) for a lunchtime ride through the lobby as we speak. Get cracking.