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In Lieu Of Securing Anyone Else To Speak Of Firm In Glowing Terms, Goldman Sachs Promises Summer Interships To MBA-Candidates

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So, I don't have an official word from GS on this yet but needless to say, two and two have been put together. First, you have Goldman Sachs, which has had a pretty rough go of it lately vis-a--vis people hating their guts, which would explain the apologizing, the kitten adoption program, the banning of parties, the touching of trash, and the enforced charity. Obviously, they could use some good press, real bad. Then, you have a bunch of MBA students, looking for summer internships. The competition is fierce and everyone could use a leg up. So what's the harm in, you know, maybe just telling some reporters how great they, non-Goldman employees but future business leaders of America, think GS is? The answer is there's no harm at all. No money passes hands, no actual BJs are given out, and everyone goes home happy. You scratch Lloyd's back, he'll scratch yours. I bet we could round up a couple willing if we tried. Such as, say:
* Nicole Zenel:The MIT Sloan student (pictured) has "read the negative stories about Goldman Sachs' role in the financial crisis, its subsequent record profits and its decision to set aside $16.7 billion for pay and bonuses after receiving $10 billion from the U.S. Treasury." Guess what though? Girlfriend doesn't give a rat's ass, which is why she still applied for a summer internship at 85 Broad., "a solid firm that has a track record of success."
Or how about:
* Jeremy Dent: He too wants a piece of LB's shit, and in exchange is willing to tell Bloomberg: "They've been able to avoid the big blowups other banks have had." Dent is scheduled to interview for a summer internship today though, and would like a little extra assurance things are going to go over in his favor. So:

Goldman Sachs's culture and the opportunity to work with "the smartest people on Wall Street" make the company attractive to Dent, who attended about six events with Goldman Sachs recruiters and employees during his first semester at Stern.
"At the end of the day, clicking with the people you work with is critical," Dent said. "You're working to three in the morning, and you have to like the people who sit next to you. The quality of people at Goldman really is stellar."

I can go on, and will:

*Cecilia Carriquiry: The Harvard B-school student would like to work in mergers and acquisitions and so: "You read stories about the bonuses and the general public's perception is not very positive," Carriquiry said. "But they do a lot of good work that doesn't get a lot of attention."
Obviously, there's nothing wrong with this, and the whole thing is kind of genius. I just want you to know, LB, that I'm on to you (and for the right price would be willing to do something similar, in addition to accept back payment for putting the Golden Scrot on the map).
Goldman Sachs Still Shines for MBAs Who Ignore 'Hype' [Bloomberg]


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