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Jeffrey Gundlach NOT Set Up By TCW, Big Fan Of "Dr. Fellatio" Series

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Last week we wondered aloud whether or not former TCW CIO Jeffery Gundlach had been set up by his employer to look like a sex-crazed maniac. To recap, Gundlach is being sued by TCW for, among other things, conspiracy, unfair competition and theft of proprietary (Gundlach started his own firm last month, DoubleLine LLC). The other "things" are the items the firm claimed to have found by searching Gundlach's offices (one in Santa Monica, one in LA), which included drugs, paraphernalia ("bearing evidence of recent use"), 12 sexual "devices," 34 "hardcore pornographic magazines," and 36 "hardcore sexually explicit DVDs and videocassettes." The sheer volume of stuff seemed suspect to us (what could he possibly need with thirty-six different DVDs), and we felt that it was our duty to get to the bottom of the whole thing, by asking you people, in your professional opinions, if you thought the guy was set up. Although over 67% of you agreed that yes, TCW must've stashed the stuff in Gundlach's office to make him look bad (or like he was operating a online wholesale sex shop distributor and keeping the inventory at his office), we've been informed that the answer is no. By Jeffery Gundlach. Who took ownership of the items in a letter to his new clients today.


Also! I've spoken with someone extremely familiar with the matter, who was kind enough to provide me with a bit more specific accounting of the aforementioned items. Disclaimer: obviously, this is the sort of thing that, in lieu of having the actual DVD titles, description of the devices, etc, I would be forced to "imagine" whether or not Gundlach was a fan of, say, Backdoor Sluts 9. So I understand that you might automatically assume the following was made up straight from the mind of Bess Levin. But no: this is the stuff Gundlach kept in his office, for real:

Asian Office Sluts
Weapons of Ass Destruction
Buckets of Cum
Big Butt Backdoor Babes 3
Ass Traffic Volume 2
Evil Anal 8
Gang Bang My Face
Sloppy Hoes
Squirt In My Gape
Swallow My Pride 2
The Art of Female Ejaculation
The Bondage Nookie Court
A Trip Down Mammary Lane
Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes
Dr. Fellatio 16

Sexual Devices:
black restraining device
brown rubber penis, 6 inches
cardboard with pink and black straps for restraining
chrome penis, 6 inches, in red velvet bag
glass penis, 8 inches, in black velvet bag
glass penis, 7.5 inches, blue velvet bag with tag 'phallic'
KY washing liquid with purple rubbing device
Sexy Slave Kit For Amazing Sex
pink and black strap restraining device
rubber penis-shaped sexual device
baggie containing green "brown leafy substance"
bag labeled "medical use only"
bag labeled "90210 kush"
Gundlach_Friends of DoubleLine_1-11-10 [PDF]