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Lenny Dykstra Stabbed In Back By One True Love, Will Not Go Down Without A Fight

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You guys, this is heartbreaking. As you know, the one thing that matters most to Lenny Dykstra in this world is flying private. After he did it the first time, he I loved it and swore he'd never go back to flying commercial. Nails' finances being a little tight these days, he hasn't been able to do much traveling, but he's never let go of the idea of stretching his shit out thirty thousand feet above the ground, sans plebes and their rug rats rubbing up against him and asking "Hey Mister, didn't anyone ever tell you to chew with your mouth closed?" That's why after LD was forced to vacate his Thousand Oaks estate (where he left, among other things, dog feces on the floor), he started shacking up at airplane leasing company Avantair's offices, where Dyks' Player's Club mag subleased space, 'cause he had no other place to go, it felt like home, and he could finger the catalogs.
Unfortunately, Avantair, apparently has a little problem with the fact that Nails hasn't paid them any money since September 2008 and want him out of there, so they're suing the guy. Obviously our little solider isn't going to go down without a fight, which is why he told Avantair's attorneys that "the sheriff" will have to "drag" him out, but this still stings, really bad. And it almost makes me think that the Avantair doesn't remember or perhaps never knew what private flying means to LD, or how they could come to some sort of an agreement wherein he became in their spokesman and in exchange got to sleep on the floor. And so I would ask them to read this, and just, think about what they're doing.

Private Jets Take Hassle Out of Flying
12/02/08 - 09:21 AM EST
Lenny Dykstra
I know that I don't have to tell any baseball fans this, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing in the major leagues. In fact, I loved every second of it. Who wouldn't?
But like many professional athletes, I had to adjust to life after the major leagues. You've read about how some athletes find this to be a horrible struggle, out of the limelight, not really sure of how to spend their days.
I was lucky in that I had businesses that I set up for myself, and after I trusted a broker who lost $1.6 million of my hard-earned money, I learned how to handle my own investments. I was fulfilled away from the field. But I will tell you that even with minding my businesses and my investments, I had a few shocks to adjust to.
One of them was taking a commercial flight.
I know that may sound a little snotty, but certainly you know how I feel. Does anyone enjoy flying commercial these days?
Flying on a regular airline is especially difficult and expensive if you have a family. The hassle of getting to the airport, checking your luggage, waiting to get through the security line, and then finally making it to your seat.
Even when I flew first class, this was no joy. After paying big bucks for first class, you still have to deal with every person who sits in the back of the plane hitting you on your shoulder and elbow with their luggage, purses and whatever else they may be carrying as they pass by.
After all this hassle, I just came to the realization that there had to be a better way to get to where I wanted to go. So I looked into taking a private jet.
Once I did it, I loved it and swear that I will never go back to flying a commercial tube. Now, before you get huffy and think: "Big time baseball player enjoying his private plane," just take a breather. A private plane is expensive, but it may be worth your while. At least, it's an option that you may want to consider.
I would have never known how wonderful it is to fly a private jet if I hadn't tried it out. That's what I want you to do.
If it's for you, then wonderful. I've saved you some hassle, and you'll find that you have more time to work on your business or relax. And if taking a private jet, is not your thing. Well, that's OK.
But you never know. Maybe I'll see you on a private jet sometime. (I'll be the guy in the suit and baseball cap.)

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