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Live-Blog Part II: Paulson In The House

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12:40 Hank, whose rosacea is flaring up like nobody's business, has arrived to put Geithner out of his misery.
12:41 He's happy be to be here and answer your questions, but just so you know, he's got limited knowledge of the topics and not a lot of time, so let's move this shit along. Seriously, nature walk at 1:45. The birds wait for no one.
12:53 Paulson: "All money printed is green." Also the lead track on his new album. Not a coincidence.
1:00 Hank is not going to second guess the opinions of people, for instance, Tim Geithner. So piss off.
1:15 I love you Elijiah Cummings but why????????? Why do we have to keep talking about those mo-fucking AIG bonuses??
1:20 Interrupted by the iPad. Oh, Mock-Turtleneck is gonna pay for this.