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Opening Bell: 01.14.10

Obama To Unveil Plan On Bank Taxes (WSJ)
If approved by Congress, the new tax -- which the White House calls a "financial crisis responsibility fee" -- would force about 50 banks, insurance companies and large broker-dealers to collectively pay the federal government roughly $90 billion over 10 years. Of the 50, about 35 would be U.S. companies and 10 to 15 would be U.S. subsidiaries of foreign financial firms. A senior administration official said the largest 10 institutions would pay about 60% of the tax's total cost.
Goldman Sachs Readies Bonus Bonanza, Braces for Backlash (ABC)
A list of the ten Goldman employees expected, by ABC, to get at least $10 mill each. A Goldman spokesman said "the speculation about compensation is ill-informed and, frankly, pretty stupid."
China dismisses Google's threat to quit (FT)
Wang Chen, head of the State Council Information Office and deputy head of the Communist party's propaganda department, said internet media "must live up to their responsibility of maintaining internet security", including censoring content.
Forget Wind. Pickens Turns Focus to Gas. (NYT)
For the new effort, he has developed three television commercials with a toughened emphasis on national security. He is preparing to tour the country again to inspire his "army" of citizens to lobby Congress for tax incentives. He will not disclose how much he expects to spend on the effort this time.
Soros Fund Is Said to Plan an Office in Hong Kong (Bloomberg)
Soros Fund Management may relocate New York-based fund managers James Chang and Dai Jixin to Hong Kong.
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Fight for First (WSJ)
An actual article about the "fight" for who will release earnings first.
Twitter Can Be a Shareholder's Best Friend (TBM)
Says Eliot Spitzer.