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Opening Bell: 01.26.10

AIG Payout To Partners Probed (WSJ)
Mr. Barofsky said he is reviewing the Federal Reserve's cooperation with his office. Issues raised in recent weeks "call into question whether the government has been and is being as transparent as possible with the American people," he said in prepared remarks for a Wednesday hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Spherix Partners Will Pay $2.1 Million to Settle SEC Lawsuit (Bloomberg)
Ali Far and Choo Beng Lee have pleaded guilty and agreed the settlement amount "represents the total trading profits and losses avoided as a result of the securities law violations" alleged in the SEC's civil complaint.
AIG Wants Pledges on Retention Cuts by Tuesday (Reuters)
Employees must let Benmosche know today whether or not they'll accept a smaller bonus in exchange for getting it sooner.
Bernanke Is Gaining Supporters (NYT)
Dianne Feinstein, Max Baucus, Joe Lieberman all what a piece of that.
Davos Too Big to Fail as Bankers Recoil in Political Backlash (Bloomberg)
"There will be a lot of bowing and scraping before the central bankers, treasury secretaries and regulators," said Niall Ferguson. "They kept the show on the road, and we have to acknowledge the state matters much more these days."
Still Needed: A Sheriff of Finance (NYT)
Sayeth Andrew Ross Sorkin and George Soros. Who wants to wear a badge and carry a gun?
A Modest Proposal for the Fed (WSJ)
Terms limits for chairmen.