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Opening Bell: 01.28.10

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Banks See Ways Past Pay Limits (WSJ)
Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. are doling out shares that employees can sell within months--much sooner than normally allowed. Other giant banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, let certain employees borrow money to relieve personal cash crunches. And some U.K. banks have considered raising base, or cash salaries--funds that won't be subject to the country's new 50% tax on bonuses.
Obama: Don't Run For The Hills (NYT)
Also, the bank bailout was "about as popular as root canal." T/F?
BofA's Moynihan Gets 19% Raise (WSJ)
Approved by the Charlotte, N.C., bank's board, the salary ($950,000) represents a 19% rise from the 50-year-old Mr. Moynihan's base pay in 2008. His predecessor typically received a base salary of $1.5 million.
Subprime: The Lung Cancer of Banking? (DealBook)
In Davos, one senior banker, sipping his cup of espresso, sighed deeply when asked about the trust deficit in the financial industry these days. "Tobacco companies have it so easy by comparison," he said.
Goldman Sachs Seen as Favored by Regulators, New York Fed's E-Mail Shows (Bloomberg)
Are you blown away by this revelation?
Soros Warns Gold Is Now The 'Ultimate Bubble' (Telegraph)
Jorge from Davos: "When interest rates are low we have conditions for asset bubbles to develop, and they are developing at the moment. The ultimate asset bubble is gold."
Enter Geithner, The Politician (WSJ)
As Rep. Michael Turner put it in a congressional hearing Wednesday about Mr. Geithner's role in the bailout of American International Group Inc., "you are absolutely a politician." "Is that a compliment?" Mr. Geithner responded.