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Opening Bell: 01.29.10

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AIG Staff Accept Bonus Cuts (WSJ)
95% of employees agreed to take a 10% cut to their retention bonus in order to get the money February 5 instead of March 15.
Brian Moynihan: Bank of America Is No Too Big (CNBC)
"Bank of America is not too big," Moynihan said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "Big by definition is not the question, it's a question of how you conduct your activities, how you manage activities and how you manage risk."
Cooper Manning Finds Niche in Stocks, Leaving NFL to Brothers (Bloomberg)
"This is a pretty greedy industry," Coop said. "I grew up where you weren't supposed to talk about money. You just never mentioned it. You all of a sudden get into a business where the whole premise of all your clients, all they're trying to do every day is generate returns and make money...The energy business is kind of a good ol' boy business," he added. "If you can drink a cold beer and make somebody laugh, you can probably get up the ranks quicker than other folks. I kind of fit in."
Banker Outrage at the WEF Party Scene (CNBC)
Barclays President Bob Diamond took some flak for saying there is no evidence that big banking is bad or riskier, but he has allies. "What would you say if the government suddenly said TV stations can't own Web sites?" one member of the financial services industry asked me.
Looking For Women In Wall Street's Top Ranks (NYT)
"The last 15 years before the financial meltdown was a period of gains for women," said Linda Friedman, a partner at Stowell & Friedman, a Chicago law firm that represents plaintiffs in discrimination lawsuits. But, she added, "in the down economic times, the greatest casualties have been women."
Ackermann, Gruebel, Moynihan Plot Regulatory Response in Davos (Bloomberg)
They did it in a back alley, with Barney Frank.

An Evening On Cameron's Pandora (DealBook)
After two days of mulling nightmare scenarios of sovereign debt default, over-regulation and protectionism, those lucky few who managed to get into the Cameron talk were able to lay back with their oversized 3D glasses and take a trip to planet Pandora. "This is by far the best session I've ever been to in Davos," said one delighted audience member in between watching a few clips from the film.
Trump says he'll jump at StuyTown takeover (NYP)
And maybe name it TrumpTown? Please?