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Prince Alwaleed: "The Honeymoon Is Over, Vikram"

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As you're aware, yesterday was Count Vikula's birthday and while it was supposed to be a super fun day, free of stress and full of cake, things didn't exactly pan out that way. Prince Alwaleed made it for the occasion, took VP out for a nice dinner and made sure to tell him how nice he looked. Unfortunately, he also felt the need to rain on Pandito's day, by talking shop before dessert. Specifically, the Prince told Vickles that he's had "two years of leeway from shareholders, and the honeymoon is over. 2010 is the year you need to deliver." 2008, 2009? Breakfast in bed, served by a rotating cast of investors. 2010? Get your own donut, from the coffee cart guy on Park. 2008, 2009? Pony rides around the building. 2010? The Prince will be riding your ass like Zorro (bareback).