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Prince Alwaleed Thought Avatar Sucked

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Prince Alwaleed was on Charlie Rose last night to discuss a whole mess of topics. Obviously he had to get the pink pony out of the way first which was that yes, he's spoken to Vikram and made it clear that the honeymoon is over and Vickle's has gotta make 2010 the year he moves his ass on making this Citi thing work (to that end, at various intervals throughout the day, a recording of the Prince shouting "Move your ass, Mr. Vikram! Hustle! Hustle those buns!" will be played over the loudspeaker in VP's executive suite, scaring the shit out of people not expecting it). Moving onto more important issues was whether or not Big Al had seen Avatar, and what he thought of it. Here's what he told Chuck:

Charlie Rose: Have you seen [Avatar]?
The Prince: Unfortunately I had to see it before I met with Mr. Murdoch or he would be very upset. So I saw it, yes.
CR: Did you like the movie?
TP: Well, it was the first time I've seen a science fiction movie. What I like is the fact that people like it and it will gross more than $2 billion and could possibly add $400 million to the bottom line of News Corp. Imagine that. Whether I like it or not I will keep between me and Mr. Murdoch.

Also, he doesn't like Obama's plan. But this James Cameron character needs to be dealt with first.