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Scores Of TCW Employees Choose DP-Friendly Environment

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Double fist pump for DoubleLine LLC! Earlier this week, when we discussed the matter of Jeffrey Gundlach, who's being sued by his former employer, TCW, for conspiracy, unfair competition, theft of proprietary and having dozens upon dozens of dildos, hardcore pornos, spank rags and weed in his office, a few of you wondered if there would be any sort of fall-out for Gunds. Would his new clients take issue with his admission to keeping, among other things, Weapons of Ass Destruction, Dr. Fellatio 16, a 6-inch brown rubber penis, an 8-inch glass penis and a pink and black strap restraining device in his office? Would the colleagues who followed him out the door of TCW be regretting their decision? No word yet on how clients feel about all this but apparently the defectors like it just fine and they've convinced their friends to get on board the Trip Down Mammary Lane train. At least 7 TCW employees have joined the new shop as of yesterday.