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SEC Now Totally Open To People Helping Them Do Their Jobs

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Hey hey future Harry Markopoloses (Markopoloi?) of the world: the SEC wants to hear from you! Really! For serious! Yes, it's true, back in the day (as recently as a year-ish or so ago), your kind was not welcome at the Securities and Exchange Commission. They would've told you to fuck off, get bent, S a D and so on and so forth.

One, because they regarded you guys as amateurs who didn't know what you were talking about and two, because they just didn't much care. Bernie Madoff running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme? Don't bother us with that kind of crap, ever again, but especially not while we're hard at work gathered around the boss's computer losing it over 2 Girls, 1 Cup. Now, though, you have Mary and Co's full attention and respect. And it'd be really great if you could do the legwork on uncovering some scams for them, at least for the time being, while they're at Fraud College, learning how to do their jobs. Come and knock on our door.
SEC says whistle-blowers welcome [UPI]