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Someone Still Buying Rounds For Lenny Dykstra

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Over the last year or so, homeless Twizzlers spokesman Lenny Dykstra has found out who his true friends are. Who he can count on and who he can't. In the latter category, you can put basically everyone in his life, including but in no way limited to his ex-wife, Terri, JPMorgan née Washington Mutual, who Nails says is "responsible for me losing $38 million" due to predatory lending, and Jim Cramer, who put a curse on LD's head by calling him "one of the greats," fired him from his gig at the, and then didn't so much as make L-Dyks a low-ball pity offer on the toilet and other bathroom fixtures (including a gold-plated swan stripped off the tub) he ripped out of his house the day he was thrown out. So it was nice to hear that there's still one person LD can still count on to offer a shoulder to cry on and a twenty to cover a couple hours with a no frills hooker who gets the job done.

For more than 20 years, Dykstra, 46, lived huge as a self-described "robes-and-room-service kind of guy" who gained notoriety in recent years as a stock guru who wrote an investment column for In an April 2009 article in GQ magazine, photo editor Kevin Coughlin described how he met Dykstra in his $2,500-a-night suite at the Carlyle hotel in New York while interviewing for a position on The Players Club, Dykstra's now-defunct luxury magazine for professional athletes.

Once a Major League Baseball All-Star, who was living in a multimillion-dollar Lake Sherwood estate last year, Lenny Dykstra now claims he is homeless. Sitting in a rumpled suit in a lounge at a Beverly Hills hotel -- with his longtime bookkeeper on hand to pay for his drinks, food and room -- he describes the past 11 months as a "nightmare." "I've been fighting for my life," Dykstra said. "I'm not the kind of person to go to people and ask for money. You have some loyal friends that help, but they can only do so much because each day comes by and it's another day you wonder what you're going to do, and where you're going to sleep, and how you're going to eat."