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Steve Cohen And Lawyers Take Issue With Ex-Mrs. SAC's Suit

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At the heart of their claim seems to be the belief that Steve's ex-wife, Patricia, is crazy, and by extension, so is her ex-lawyer, for filing her suit, which essentially accuses the big guy of being a mobster.

Lawyers for Steven A. Cohen, the founder of SAC Capital Advisors LP sued by his ex-wife last month for racketeering, said they will ask a judge to sanction the attorney who filed what they called a "frivolous" suit.
The lawyer, Paul Batista of New York, asked to withdraw from the case three weeks after he filed it. Steven Cohen's lawyers said in papers filed Jan. 8 in federal court in New York that Batista should be sanctioned under a federal-litigation rule.
"We believe there is a very serious question about how any competent lawyer, consistent with his or her obligations under Rule 11, could have filed such a pleading, and we intend to pursue a Rule 11 remedy," Steven Cohen's lawyers wrote. "Given Mr. Batista's request to withdraw, and the fact that new counsel has not yet appeared, someone must remain responsible for this frivolous pleading and the maintenance of this action."

"This complaint was based on seven months of legal and factual research," Batista said today in a phone interview. "The information was provided to me by Patricia Cohen and two investigators she hired. My view is that unless there's something that has not been disclosed to me, the complaint is, for purposes of Rule 11, well-grounded in fact."