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Steve Schwarzman Will Cut A Bitch Who Gets In Between Him And His Rom-Coms

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Stephen Schwarzman loves romantic comedies. There, I said it. Maid In Manhattan, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, You've Got Mail, all of 'em. So what if he wants to live in a world in which fairy-tale endings really do come true? So what if he wants to be transported to a place where you could correspond with someone over the internet for years and when finally meeting, instead of getting hacked up and dumped in the East River, fall in love? So WHAT? They're his thing, and he shouldn't have to defend it to you, or anyone else. He works really hard, and this is the shit that gets him through the day. So excuse Stephen, if, on the opening weekend of a movie he's been waiting months to see, he does what he has to do to ensure no one's going to mess with his viewing.

Steve Schwarzman won't let anything get in the way of a good time at the multiplex. To see "It's Complicated" over the holidays in West Palm Beach, the Blackstone billionaire had an aide hold two seats in the middle of the theater for him and his wife, Christine. "The assistant was shooing people away until Christine and Steve got there," says a spy, "at which point she gave the seats to them and left."

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