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The Secret To Making The Big Bucks At Citigroup

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A lot people who work at Citi, relative to other banks and the finance industry at large, make shit money. Obviously, we're not just talking about the first year rainmakers but up and own the food chain, Uncle Vikula included. But, as previously mentioned, there is one man who was compensated pretty nicely this year. Investment banking chief John Havens, who took home $9 million, making him the highest paid employee at the world's largest diversified whorehouse. Those of you with the honor of working at the bank would probably like to know how you could break yourselves off a piece of that. The good news is, it doesn't involve debasing yourself any more than you already have.
The bad news is it's going to take some serious outside the box, revolutionary, cheapskate thinking, that will somehow translate to saving Citi tens, if not hundreds of dollars each year. 'Cause that's what John Havens did when he came up with the idea to ban color-copies and insist on using both sides, and that's why he's make making money money take taking money money, and his CEO buddy is getting paid a nickel.
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