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The Secret To Making The Big Bucks At Citigroup, Part II

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As you've probably heard, it's not that easy to get rich as an employee of Citi. Sadly, the days of the bank paying hundreds of millions for your shitty hedge fund are pretty much over, unless you've got something really special to offer them, in which case, let's talk. Still, there are a few ways to score a decent chunk of change from the Big C, which we've been doing our part to share with you. Last week we discussed the John Havens case study. He's the highest paid guy at that place, a title he scored by coming up with a revolutionary way for Citi to save tens if not hundreds of dollars each year. Today we've got another insider tip: show up late, get yourself fired, and let your former boss assault you on the way out.

Remember the Citi kid who was came in a few minutes late, and for his tardiness, got canned, and then choked out by his boss when he tried to grab his stuff? We're told he's been awarded $5 million. Just something to think about.
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