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What's A "Bloomberg Minute"?

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With regard to...prison rape? It appears to be a new term recently coined by Tracey Ullman, in the clip above, wherein the Bubba to Bernie Madoff's bitch rolls over and tells the Ponz Master, "Give me a Bloomberg Minute before you brush my teeth." Obviously this thing has the potential to be huge so before it gets inserted into the vernacular we need to nail down what exactly Ping Jiang (just as a for instance) will be instructing his new special lady friend to do when he orders one of these. We can't have some people thinking it's just a catch-all for 'open and willing ass' (as indicated in the video) and others assuming HJ. So, I ask you to stop what you're doing and let tackling this issue take precedence. It's important.
(Sidebar: The reason I stumbled upon this clip was not because Bernie is blamed for 9/11 and swine flu but because Ullman is supposed to do a Barney Frank impression at some point this season which could be phenomenal.)