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Who The Hell Is This Guy?


I'll admit it. I never, ever thought it would happen. Neither did Dive Bové. But the Ken Lewis Era at America's biggest, if not best, bank is now truly over. You won't have KL to kick around anymore.
To celebrate the hand-off of power from Tim Geithner to some Irish guy, said Irish guy is everywhere in North Carolina today, in an apparent effort to reassure Tar Heelers that he still loves them. As you've seen, the newly-minted Ohio-born CEO spoke to the North Carolina Banker's Association this morning. The New Englander-by-choice got an op-ed piece in Charlotte's very own Observer, offering a variety of platitudes about how he'll make the bank better but without any promises for the Queen City itself.

Don't worry, Charlotte. We're sure your, uh, unique charms will lure Brian from Boston to your sunny southern climes, even if he steadfastly refused to move to an equally boring border state last year.
So we know what Brian is doing today. What our imaginary sources have been unable to discern is what exactly the great, inimitable, irreplaceable and now retired Ken Lewis is up to in this foul year of our Lord 2010. So we throw the floor open to you, loyal reader. WWKLD?