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Write-Offs: 01.04.10

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$$$ Goldman Director Bill George: Bankers Are Like Movie Stars And Deserve To Be Paid Like Them [BI]
$$$Thomas Lee Down One Stalker
$$$ "The worst is behind us in the sense of credit," Moynihan, 50, said today during an interview on Bloomberg Television in Raleigh, North Carolina. "As an industry, we over-lent and customers over-borrowed. If you could rewind the clock, you wouldn't do those things again." [Bloomberg]
$$$ Cablevision's Dolan spins spinoff into a lucrative deal [Crain's]
$$$ "Last month the Associated Press published a poll of 158 sports editors for Female Athlete of the Year. Two of the top 10 were horses." [The Age via Heidi Moore]
$$$Goldman To Foot Bonus Tax Bill [Sky News]
$$$ The ad people who run this asylum would like you to please take this survey. Do it now, and then we don't have to speak about it again. Apparently there's a monetary incentive, too. [DB]
$$$ Tiger Woods: Prison Yard Thug [VF]