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Write-Offs: 01.11.10

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$$$ Is Mr. Greenberg saying the machinations of Goldman Sachs were responsible for the disastrous failure of AIG amid the recent financial crisis? "Well, it certainly wouldn't be difficult to come to that conclusion." [WSJ]
$$$All rise for Liu, the prima donna! [NYP]
$$$ SEC Won't Seek Civil Charges for BofA Executives, Directors [WSJ]
$$$ Just putting it out there: "New York is the only city in America where you can walk," said Nassim Taleb, an investor who gained a measure of celebri­ty for his theories, described in The Black Swan, that extreme events can roil financial mar­kets. "People treat walking like exercise," he said, "but walking is how humans become hu­mans."
Taleb, who rejects the label "caveman" in favor of "paleo," avoids offices (including his own) as much as he can. He pre­fers to think on the go. Dressed in a tweed coat and Italian loafers, this paleo man is a flaneur, some­times walking miles a day, rang­ing from SoHo to 86th Street. [Chronicle Herald]