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Write-Offs: 01.21.10

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$$$ Robert W. Baird & Co. has a "no asshole" policy. Do you? [Fortune]
$$$ Plainfield Hedgies are Spending Lots of Time in their New Gym [GT]
$$$ From the mailbag: "The portion of JPM bonuses that were paid in stock priced yesterday. So today's move down in financials (and 7 percent move in JPM stock price) means everyones deferred comp is immediately 7 pc lower on day one. Plus the previously-deferred comp that vests this year doesn't price until next week.
Banks that reported and handed out bonus numbers later (GS, BAC, etc) probably haven't priced their deferred comp stock price yet.
Not a huge deal in the long run but when you're 25 or more pc stock it still sucks when others aren't taking the same haircut. Thanks for choosing TODAY to speak, Mr President..."
$$$Cravath's Jebejian on Obama's bank plan [The Deal]