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Write-Offs: 01.27.10

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$$$Matthew Goldstein reveals AIG's Schedule A, which Janet Tavakoli says "would have deeply embarrassed Goldman Sachs and Merrill," had it come out in the public domain late in 2008, obviously failing to realize that Goldman doesn't embarrass, which is an emotion of peasants. Goldman only says fuck yes, these are the facts, do we have a problem? [Reuters]
$$$ "You have to be able to answer the question, 'If you get kidnapped, who is next in line to take over from you?'" says John Rogers, a Goldman managing director and top counselor to Blankfein who has managed the firm's executive office under three CEOs. "It's a discipline." [Bloomberg]
$$$You are unlikely to prosper. [The Big Money]
$$$Bernanke Responds To AIG Questions [Dealbook]
$$$ Any questions? [CNBC]