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A Beauty Queen Speaks

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When we last checked in with beauty queen and Raj Rajaratnam gal-pal Danielle Chiesi, she didn't have much to say re: whether or not she and her boy were guilty of insider trading, as has been alleged, preferring instead to let her new makeover do the talking. Today she opened up to Reuters' Matt Goldstein to let the world know a couplea things, namely that there's no way in hell she and Raj-Raj will do time, that the Galleon manager didn't hurt anybody (except for the employee whose body was temporarily disabled by an electric shock) and that he's the most generous man she's ever known (this we know is true, as said tasee was paid 5 g's for her time).

"There is not even a chance we will do one day in jail," Chiesi said in a recent telephone interview. "We didn't do anything wrong."
She said she considers Rajaratnam a good friend and it is "an honor and a privilege" to stand next to him in court. She and Rajaratnam are due back in court on Feb. 11.

Federal authorities allege that an inside tip Chiesi got from an unidentified friend at Akamai resulted in a trade that generated a gain of more than a $2 million for New Castle, once a $1 billion fund and formerly affiliated with Bear Stearns.
But Chiesi said she and Rajaratnam "didn't hurt anybody." She said Rajaratnam "is the most generous man in the world."
She said she and Rajaratnam used to joke that trading was such a dog-eat-dog business they needed to always "check six," a phrase fighter pilots use about the need to watch their backs.
"When you are flying you always check six. You check to see if your enemy is behind you," said Chiesi.
She declined to say who she and Rajaratnam viewed as their "enemy." But she quipped, given her current situation, "Apparently, we have a lot of them."