Barclays Chief: Give It Up For Barclays


Hey hey hey! Who's psyched about Barclays' record earnings that were announced today? Anyone? Anyone? Are you? Are you? Bob Diamond certainly doesn't sense your excitement. Prove it to Bobby D. Show him you're amped! He needs to feel it. In fact, that's an order, straight from the top. Raise the fucking roof for the Barclettes.

The president of Barclays called on ­people to celebrate the bank's "remarkable" financial comeback today, striking a defiant tone in the face of questions over a new plan to pay £2.2bn in bonuses.
Announcing record 2009 profits of £11.6bn, Bob Diamond shrugged off charges that the British bank's performance relied heavily on government support for the financial system and asked why there was "edge" to questions about pay.
"The facts are this is a remarkable story from a UK bank," said Diamond. He said people should be "immensely proud" that Barclays Capital was the number one in the world for bond trading.