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Barefoot Contessa: Things You May Not Have Known About Tim Geithner

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As previously mentioned, Tim Geithner recently embarked on a pussy-offensivepussy outreach program. Whether it's that he's trying to gain fans among those who've got 'em, has one himself, or a little bit a of both matters not. He's going grocery shopping, he's showing his emotions, he's appearing in Vogue. And from the last, we've learned a few things about Timbo we'd previously never known. Such as:
* He's somehow convinced people he "has the kind of looks that can go either way: Half an inch one way he's John F. Kennedy; half an inch the other he's Lyle Lovett."
* He's self-aware, and self-deprecating: "the first thing he tells [writer Rebecca Johnson] when we sit down is how much 'shit' he's going to get from his friends for doing an interview with Vogue."
* His mother watches CNBC like she's on a trading floor: "The intensity, the consequences, the lack of a road map, the fact that three minutes after an announcement you are seeing the reaction on CNBC-- it's almost unprecedented. The televised babble became so bad at times, Geithner's own mother thought about watching TV with the volume turned down."
* He and Jon Stewart are gonna have words: "...the angriest he's ever been was probably the afternoon a camera crew for Jon Stewart's Daily Show showed up unexpectedly at his house in Larchmont, New York...Geithner's teenage children, who were home alone at the time, had not be in on the joke. When a camera crew pulled up, they called their father at his office, terrified. 'Ive never seen him so mad,' one aid remembers."
* He most likely uses an herbal remedy to take the edge off things: "What little free time he has, he prefers to spend with his children, building a ramp in the driveway for skateboarding, surfing off the coast of Cape Cod, building a guitar by hand."
* He fantasized about being "the guy who saved Citi" but spared us having to live in a world without Uncle Vik: "...he is said to have been sorely tempted by an offer to run Citibank."

* He knows the way to a man's heart (through his stomach via a quick stop for a foot job): "If you're invited to the Geithners' for dinner, the secretary will probably have cooked it. Barefoot."
* That shit with the taxes was about not being wasteful with money: "...his flawed tax returns dating back to his days at the IMF stems from an attempt to be frugal. Instead of paying an accountant to prepare his taxes, Geithner did them himself using Turbo Tax."
* Deep thoughts: "In the end," he says, sounding very much like his political hero, LBJ, "it's not about what you believe. It's about what you can achieve."