Beamers Cafe: Reporting Live

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As previously mentioned, Norwalk resident and UBS VP Peter Mullen was awarded a DUI early Sunday morning, when he failed to prove he wasn't drunk at a sobriety checkpoint. He was also charged with carrying a firearm (a .45-caliber Wilson Combat Pistol) while under the influence. But this isn't about Packing Pedro. This is about the place Mullen told the police he was coming from: Beamers, Stamford's premier strip club.

Its cultural relevance to Wall Street North can no longer be ignored. And so, three words: DealBreaker field trip. We'll be reporting on location later this month. You're all invited. We're told that lunch is the prime time to go but we'll be making this an after 5PM event. Which weeknight would you suggest? Which stripper would you recommend we interview? I've left word with Beamers that we're coming and we'll hopefully be able to secure some sort of discount for those mentioning Dealbreaker at the door. If not, I'm sure no one around these parts would object to me putting your lap dances on my corporate card, should I decide you deserve one.