Bill Nighy's Robin Hood Tax Video May Have Gotten Goldman Employees To Commit Voter Fraud


Here's the Bill Nighy video advertising the Robin Hood Tax, which is calling for a 0.05% tax on banking transactions. The tax could potentially raise at least $100 billion pounds to fight against child poverty and tackle poverty and climate change around the world, according to the campaign. At least one or two enterprising hackers at GS may have a problem with that.


Goldman Employees May Only Have A Few Months Left To Enjoy The Lloyd Face / Get Used To The Gary Thigh

Lloyd Blankfein may step down as chief executive of Goldman Sachs as early as this summer; and president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn is the lead candidate to replace him, according to a Goldman executive and a source close to the firm. A Goldman spokesman declined to comment. To be sure, anything can happen over the course of the next few months and the departure of Blankfein, 57, is not certain. It is still up in the air whether Blankfein wants to step down. It would also not be unheard of for Blankfein to share the role of CEO, as so many others at Goldman have in the past. Former co-heads include John Weinberg and John Whitehead; Robert Rubin and Stephen Friedman; and Jon Corzine and Henry Paulson. ... It seems increasingly certain that Gary Cohn would replace Blankfein. [Fortune, earlier, earlier]