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Blankfein Face: The Next Generation

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A couple weeks ago, we brought to your attention Lloyd Blankfein's face. It'd been on display at the Financial Crisis Inquiry, in all it's whatchu talkin about Willis/you people are idiots/I could kill you and nobody would know about it glory. The stink eye, the scrunched face, glaring like nobody's business at anyone who happened to be speaking or thinking things at the time. It was so ravishing, so utterly mesmerizing that we suggested that Goldman institute the Lloyd Cam so that we might enjoy that mug any time we pleased. It's under consideration. In the meantime, it appears that come June, we're going to have the opportunity to soak up twice the love/hate. At left, Jonathan Blankfein, son of LB, Harvard Class of 2010 and incoming Goldman analyst. He doesn't do it exactly like dad but everybody needs to put their own special take on things. He's already got a Bloomberg account so take a peak and make him the most viewed today!