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Blind Item: Which Bank CEO Likes Get Kicked In The Balls?

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Literally, and not like, as a metaphor for the markets repeatedly slamming his nuts in a drawer. From today's Sex Diary:

B, the CEO of a bank, likes for me to kick him repeatedly in the testicles. I threaten him with my two pink dildos, Fat Man and Little Boy. Sometimes I'm disturbed by the ease with which I perform acts of such egregious violence. He calls what we do making love.

If we're going with the initial alone, we've got Brian Moynihan and Lloyd Blankfein, though I don't think the former is much for kink and LB strikes me as someone who just likes them squeezed a little. Bob Kelly is also a possibility. 'B' could also refer to a nickname, like boo or something, which thankfully allows us to cast a wider net as I think Vikram should be considered. Give us your best guess, and in the meantime, I'm going to contact Andrew Ross Sorkin, who knows these guys better than anyone, to see who he thinks it is.