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Bonus Watch '10: Jamie To Get His Number Next Week

As you might've heard, the world is waiting with bated breath for the announcement of Lloyd Blankfein's bonus. It could come soon. Or never. Earlier reports claimed that JPM was waiting to hear what Lloyd would get, and gauging the reaction to it, before deciding Jamie D's take-home, though we're told that's not the case.

A source close to the Situationmatter said that Jamie's bonus announcement is expected next Wednesday. "Goldman is the one waiting," the person said, "since they have more to lose. Jamie's not going to do it according to what Lloyd gets. Who cares if Lloyd reports $50 million, or $100 million, or $1 million? Not JPM or Jamie. They'll go with the numbers they've decided on their own will go with the numbers they have." The source added, speculatively of course, "At this point, GS might get fed up with the whole thing and pull a nice PR stunt and go with 0."