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Charlie Gasparino Is Hearing Things About Tiger Woods

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Chaz "I'm gonna skull fuck my former friends at CNBC" Gasparino isn't set to take to the Fox Business airwaves until next week but even as he preps his veins to pop just right for the leering delight of his new staff, CG is working the phones, uncovering the stories, investigating the fluidity of situations. Though he doesn't typically cover sports Charlie is a versatile enough reporter to handle whatever falls into his lap, including the Tiger Woods Beat Off beat. Here's his latest, which he called in to new colleague Liz Claman, from the can:

I have been speaking with sponsors who say they have been alerted by his reps that a public apology from Tiger Woods is imminent. It could occur as early as tomorrow sometime around 11am, and that there's going to be an announcement of the public apology that will be done at a press conference some time tonight. Now like I said, we don't have this yet from Tiger's representatives.

Tiger Woods To Make Public Apology And Return To Golf (Update) [Mediaite via DI]