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Citi Is Dead Serious About Making This Thing Work

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Listen to me. No, really listen. A lot of banks and CEOs talk about change. They swear things are going to be different this time, they promise thing are going to be better and they all say they mean it. But you and I know they're all blowing smoke up our asses. You know how I know Vikram and Citi are deadly serious about making it work with Citi, and not just making empty promises? They've started a blog. Here, at New Citi, every single day, or until they gets blogger fatigue, we'll be able to follow C's progress toward achieving Pandito's goal of becoming "the best company in the world, bar none."
And lest you think this is some sort of corporate crap, think again: this blog is so real that they're letting you leave comments. In fact, go leave one right now. Vikram is so excited about all this that he's kicked off his inaugural post with a video in which he gets to his favorite word ("globality"). Take a peek, and then tell us what sort of posts you'd be interested in seeing. Pictures of VP's lunch? Daily outfits? Next-day recaps and thoughts on Lost? Favorite YouTube videos of the week? Late night confessions? Guest posts by The Prince? Dish on other CEO's (don't even get Pandles started on what Lloyd wore the last time they were in Washington. Fashion failll)? Everyone wants this thing to be great and to that end, is a name change in order? My vote: Vicki In The Citi. Think about it.