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Darrell Issa Is Not Finished With Tim Geithner

Timmy G's tormentor-in-chief Rep. Darrell Issa will get to the bottom of that whole AIG saga, believe you me. Issa sent yet another letter to Bernanke yesterday, asking him to turn over all Fed documents related to the AIG bailout and its credit-default counterparties. Apparently those 250,000 pages they already turned in don't reveal anything and the document production is "incomplete and not in full compliance with the Committee's subpoena."

In the letter, Issa is telling Bernanke to stop playing cat and mouse and dammit, just turn over those documents already. Issa quotes the letter Ben sent him on Jan. 27, saying he appreciates "your professed willingness to "afford the public the most complete understanding of the Federal Reserve's decisions and actions." So Issa said, "In light of your professed commitments and your apparent desire to cooperate with this Committee's investigation, I am writing to request that you voluntarily produce to this Committee all records and communications in possession of the Federal Reserve referring or relating to all decisions to extend credit or other funding to AIG, the decision to pay AIG's counterparties at par, and the disclosure of information related to he counterparty payments."