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Don't Leave A Message For Joe Stiglitz After The Beep

Nobel Prize laureate and CDOs squared-social-value-seeker extraordinaire Joseph Stiglitz doesn't know how to use his cell's voicemail. And if Obama ever wants to reach him to say, offer him a (Geither's) job, he can always email him. 'Cause that's the way Joe rolls. Voicemails are for losers.

In an interview with the NYT mag, we learn that Joe, is from the same hometown as MJ and that he is a fervent admirer of Volcker, cause the man speaks the truth.
"I don't view him as lonely, because he has a friend in me. He tells things as they are. He is the one who said that if banks are too big to fail, then they're too big to be managed, they're too complex, there is no person who can really manage anything of that complexity."
Also, he learned humility the hard way, which might explain a few things: "If I came home with a grade of A, my father would say, 'There must have been a lot of dummies in that class.'"


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