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George Bush: Hank Paulson's Surrogate Mother

Those of you who watched the Buffett/Paulson chat know that, sadly there's been no talk of birds. But we did learn a thing or two.
1) Things are still bad, but on the upside, it could be worse, which is why Hank feels "fortunate."
2) Bush "was like a mom" to Paulson, urging him to "exercise, get more sleep, eat healthy."
3) That Nancy Pelosi kneeling thing was just him asking her to "please don't go and blow this thing off," because everyone was in "deep doo-doo."
4) Comp was "out of whack even during benign times" but now people should be "showing some restraint." "If you've had some losses, you have responsibilities."
5) Congress should start doing its job, putting on some pressure and stop calling in snow days.