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Hank Paulson Not That Worried About People Claiming Innaccuracies In His Book

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt said today that while he did indeed have a discussion with Hank Paulson in September 2008, it had nothing to do with his irm's commercial paper woes, as the former Treasury Secretary claims in his new book.
Rather than get defensive about the whole thing, Hank, through his publicist, said that he was merely "relying on memories," and he was under so much stress that he's not really sure they were accurate at this point.

"To write this book, I called on the memories of many of the people who were with me during these events. Given the high degree of stress during this time and the extraordinary number of problems I was juggling in a single day, and often in a single hour, I am sure there are many details I will never recall."

So there you have it. You should expect he got some stuff wrong. Hope that helped cleared things up.