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Hank Paulson's Alone Time

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A copy of Hank Paulson's memoir just arrived at our office. It is huge and requires more attention than I can give it now. I have, however, skimmed it a bit and so far I can say there's some stuff that did not surprise me in the least to read about, such as HP's determination, on display from an early age:

As a boy, I was very goal oriented. It's what [my wife] Wendy calls my "gold-star mentality." I no sooner became a boy scout that I made up my mind to be come an eagle scout, which I did, at 14.

And some stuff I was surprised (and thrilled) to hear about, like the former Treasury Secretary rubbing one out:

Long hours at the office can cause problems at home, and this was a period of great stress in my marriage. I'd come home too tired to want to do much with the children when they were very young. We couldn't afford to finish our bedroom, so we were living in an open loft, with the kids in rooms right next to us. I sometimes locked myself in the bathroom with Sports Illustrated to relax.